In summary, the longer you think about a work, the more clearly you see the complicated connections embedded in it. The exhibition “My Dreams” focuses on a common theme, interpreted using different artistic means.

There is a single thought, the same situation, presented through the prism, the temperament, the author's own understanding.

For both, the emotional base is high, the courage is obvious, the romance is visible.

They sound as a unit but retain their artistic uniqueness.

Meglena and Rosen erase the boundary between reality and surreality, paradoxically retaining accents from both spaces.

Two energies in one, two souls in one, two artistic expression systems in one. The impact is great when two authors find a balance and can merge their works into a whole without losing each other.

This exhibition clearly illustrates this finding.


Dimitri Nikiforov

...and although I go to the so-called “cultural” events less and less and will go less and less, there are some that I don't want to miss!

  A wonderful exhibition by Meglena Bojanova and Rosen Ignatov!

  An exhibition that brings together the scope of thought in categorically talented works.

  And if Rosen's sculptures are modest in a masculine way, Maggie delicately and feminine explains that size also plays a role 🙂

  A must-see exhibition, friends!